A scanner is a device which can scan documents to different file formats.  The scanner analyses an image and  saves it to a file on a computerScanners read colour  from a document or photo. What the scanner captures is  the DPI dots per inch and the PPI pixels per inch. The CCD array  is a…

Ball Mouse

  a ball mouse is an older mouse and works differently to an optical mouse. A ball mouse has many moving parts. As the ball inside the mouse moves over the surface the ball pushes two plastic rollers connected to thin wheels. One senses movement  in the  x  axis another senses the y axis. As…

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse while regular optical mice work fine when playing games certain genres e.g (FPS and ,MOBA) First Person Shooter Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Sensitivity is improved  when using a gaming mouse. There mice include programmable buttons which can be assigned to different functions. They are more sensitive, sensitivity is measured in Dots per inch…


a keyboard is an input device which is used to enter letters , numbers and symbols. Most english letters use QWERTY the six letters at the top of the keyboard. Keyboards have control , shift , arrow keys , caps lock, function keys. This layout hasn’t been changed much since keyboards were made.  

Drawing Tablet

  a drawing tablet sometimes called a graphics tablet are used i graphic design and  allow the user to draw using a stylus. This allows the user to draw using  the stylus the advantage of this is that this is more accurate than drawing with a mouse or trackpad.


A joystick is a device which is connected via a usb port  and allows the user to control a character and is usually used in a flight simulator and look similar to what you might find in a arcade game. They have extra buttons that can do different things.


    mouse Scanner Racing wheel Speakers Controller

Sound Card

A sound card is an expansion card that  fits into the computers PCI slot on the motherboard. Sound cards include an amp and  You can easily plug in speakers. The sound card  changes analog to digital and then back to analog. Instead of DACs the sound card uses a codec a codec  which performs different…

Application Software

Application software is a program that  can be used by the user of the computer. Some examples of application software includes Word Processing software like Libre Office , Microsoft Office, Text Edit. There are many games written for Windows and Mac OSX to indie games like Shovel Knight , The Binding of Issac and FEZ….

Graphics Card

A graphics card or GPU is an expansion card which can be inserted into the  PCI  slot and is used for high end graphics intensive  requirements on your computer. Motherboards come with intel or AMD integrated graphics from the CPU and motherboard. However if you want to play games you may need a graphics card….


the motherboard houses the CPU and Memory (RAM) and provides support for different peripherals. A motherboard provides connections. Motherboards are cooled by heat sinks. The motherboard is  the centre of the system. The CPU is connected to the motherboard. The socket  has a lever which can be lifted to install the CPU. Once Sucessfully installed…


The CPU is the brain of the computer and handles. The CPU produces heat and are covered by a heat sink to keep cool and regulate the temperature. Each CPU sockets  fit certain types of CPU.    Arithmetic Logic Unit the Arithmetic logic unit which handles the maths ,calculations , logic and decision-making. Control Unit The Control…