Software Development Life Cycle

Preliminary analysis

people who are in a company meet together and decide who the target user

who is going to use the piece of software.

how they are  going to use the piece of software.

what information is going to be stored

this process is usually done by system   analysts then are agreed by everyone involved. This is usually done by software engineers.

A Requirement Speculation document is created and serves as a plan for what is going to be in the specific piece of software

Next designs are made this help work out initial system requirements and what hardware will be needed to run the software and how long the software will take to develop.

The Programmer or developer is brought in.A flow chart is created for the project


After the designs are completed the task of development is divided into different tasks. The developers start coding the project this is the main task of the developers. Then the code is translated by a system analyst inyto a format that the  hardware can understand. Then the code is checked to make sure it meets the requirements of the project.


Then the code is tested to make sure that it works correctly and there are no bugs. Then the  software goes through beta testing where it is given to customers to test and  makes changes based on the customers feedback.


evaluation and maintenance  

In this stage the system analyst makes sure the software is working as intended by the project and removes and fixes any problems that arise and add  new parts to the software and meet extra user needs.




Systems development documentation as a part of the SDLC

Software development life cycle documentation is important because it is a recvord of the work that has already been completed

the company might  have to complete some of the steps in the process again. If yyou need to hand over the project  to another developer you don’t need to explain everything again. It also means that developer don’t have to do the same work again



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