The CPU is the brain of the computer and handles. The CPU produces heat and are covered by a heat sink to keep cool and regulate the temperature. Each CPU sockets  fit certain types of CPU.

intel skylake  download (1)

Arithmetic Logic Unit

the Arithmetic logic unit which handles the maths ,calculations , logic and decision-making.

Control Unit

The Control Unit forwards controls to the rest of the computer

Memory Management Unit

the memory management unit  translates the logical address to the RAM

Instruction Register 

  the instruction register  hold the instruction which is currently being executed by the cpu

Program Counter

The program counter  dosen’t count programs. Instead it  holds the addess of the  instruction which is being processed by the cpu. The program counter then  directs the next instruction.

Fetch,Execute , decode

Fetch execute and decode sis the cycle the cpu goes through when executing instructions and performing tasks .

First the information  for the task is fetched from the RAM on the motherboard. Then the instruction is fetched by the program counter. First the instruction need to be decrypted. The CPU decodes the instruction . The process is executed then  and the instruction is stored in the registry on the cpu

Clock Speed

CPU  employ clock signals which changes depending on how much  the CPU is being used.The faster the clock speed the more operations and instructions can take place at once.

The CPU includes integrated graphics. Integrated graphics are  okay for general 3d rendering, video editing. Integrated graphics shares a small percentage of ram in the computer. However Integrated graphics have got better over time. Below is a link to PC Gamer’s test using integrated graphics using intel graphics 520.



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